2 Ways to Buy...

Customers can buy direct or bid:

  1. Buy Direct – contact us to purchase the piece of equipment you are interested in. After a sales contract is signed we can arrange for shipping if needed. 
  2. Bid at an Auction
  • Onsite - in person at the auction site 
  • Online - via Hostetter Auctions site 

To bid on any Lot, a Bidder Number is required. In order to obtain the Bidder Number, you must first register for the Auction.
 Registration requires the Bidder to agree to the Auctions Terms and Conditions. 

By completing the Registration Form you automatically agree to be bound by these Buyer Terms and Conditions.
 Buyers should note that a Buyer’s Commission of 10% on the bid price for all items. 

Sales tax can be charged and will be charged on any titled items at local notary.